This Week in Leftist Violence and Intimidation Vol. 4

Left-wing radicals continued to attack federal and police property this week, while also excusing the murder of Trump supporters and attempting another "autonomous zone" even after the one in Seattle ended in the killing of a teenager.

5. Minneapolis Police Document Says Autonomous Zone Blocked Response to Assault and Robbery | KSTP News

Minneapolis police documents indicate protesters who set up an autonomous zone in the city impeded officers responding to a robbery and assault, and the victim said the ambulance was delayed by the zone's barricades. Protesters denied the reports.

4. Leftist Woman Justifies Murder of Trump Supporter: ‘Tough Luck' | James Klüg

A woman told a conservative commentator she is fine with the recent murder of a Trump supporter in Portland, saying, "Tough luck, don't be a f—ing Trump supporter in Portland."

3. Minneapolis City Council Complains About Lack of Policing After Voting to Eliminate Police Department | Washington Free Beacon

Just three months after voting to dismantle its police department, the Minneapolis City Council complained about the city's insufficient policing at a meeting on Tuesday.

2. Lancaster, Pa., Police Station Attacked, Stores Looted by Antifa and BLM Rioters | CBS Philly

Rioters in Lancaster destroyed property and threatened police officers, who ended up fighting back with tear gas and making eight arrests for arson. Videos from the scene show the police precinct coming under attack and stores being trashed.

1. Protesters Show Up at LA Hospital Treating Ambushed Cops, Yell ‘I Hope They F—ing Die' | Fox News

Anti-police protesters blocked the doors to a California emergency room where two cops who had been shot were being treated, shouting "We hope they die."

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